Every single woman I know is involved in a deep love affair with Target, and has been for several years. Most of these ladies are also Moms who will totally understand why this Mom is absolutely pissed at Target. Why you ask? Target added one thing to their stores that has totally ruined her entire shopping experience, and she's not having it.

Tiny. Carts.

I have not noticed them in the Rockford Target store yet, but I feel the day is coming, and that terrifies me. No good can ever come from a child with a tiny cart. I have only had one experience with my child and a tiny cart at Schnucks, and it is something I never want to live through again. We'll just say it involved a near tomato tragedy as my Ella was obsessed with attempting to load every single "red ball" into her stupid tiny cart.

If you're wondering why this Mom is so upset over the addition of tiny carts to Target stores, let's just say this so all Moms will understand: Target has just ruined her calm, happy place.

She wrote about her Target tiny cart experience in her blog called, Laughing Without Limits, and I think it is absolutely hilarious. Here is my favorite part:

And I will admit.  There was 10 whole seconds where I thought that that MIGHT have been the cutest thing I have ever seen.  I mean… Good Job, Target, am I right?? Let’s get these future spenders-with-no-impulse-resistance trained early, right?

But it quickly went downhill.  Look! The dollar section has never been more unenjoyable.  THAT’S at least $15 you COULD HAVE HAD had I not been so busy to GET OUT OF THERE because Tiny Human now has the freedom to just PUT THINGS IN THERE.  MADNESS.


Moms, read the blog, have a laugh, but please do not attack this lady for her parenting tactics. We're in this thing together, Moms. Let's spread love and support, not criticism and ugliness. Remember what your Mom used to tell you? "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all? Think about that, pretty please.



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