With Mother's Day coming up Sunday, I've been trying to share some different Mother's Day themed posts.

Yesterday, we took a look at what moms think of themselves and their parenting versus what their kids think. Bottom line: you are a much better mom than you think you are.

Today, well...it's the darker side of motherhood. Sometimes (or in this woman's case, many times) you'll find yourself in a situation where you...uh...well, lie. C'mon, you know you've done it. My mom went with the old "your face will freeze that way" line many times, but, to my knowledge, it didn't happen. I'm sure your mom gave you similar info. My mom also insisted that coffee would stunt my growth. I'm six feet three inches tall (and constantly caffeinated), so...maybe not.

See how many of these you've used or had used on you:

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