What the heck is going on with these happy Target shoppers in DeKalb?I have never figured out why in this day and age of video surveillance, that people are stupid enough to think that they are not being watched. Well, apparently these two shoppers are not that smart, but they sure look like they are having fun.

DeKalb Police are 'Target'-ing, three individuals who are wanted for retail theft at the Target Superstore in DeKalb.

Police are asking if you recognize these individuals. According to DeKalb Police:

These two subjects are committing retail thefts at Target. If you are able to identify them, please let us know. You may remain anonymous.

It looks like these shoppers are having the time of their lives. Is stealing stuff that much fun? Check out the photos.

DeKalb Police Department photo
DeKalb Police Department photo
DeKalb Police Department photo


If you have any information call DeKalb Police at  815-748-8400 or DeKalb County Crime Stoppers at  815- 895-3272.

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