YouTube user Vince Stravix uploaded this video of a hotel maid seemingly rifling through Vince's belongings while he was a guest at a "brand-named" American hotel.



Since Vince Stravix uploaded the video on YouTube, it's been viewed almost 3 million times and garnered hundreds of comments. Many angry posts point the finger at the hotel for lack of security, while others say they see a “curious” woman but overall aren’t that bothered.


Really? This sort of behavior is cool with some of us? No. And, yes.


“This is exactly why i never have room service enter my room, i simply ask for new towels outside the room and just learned you can tell the front desk you don't want entry into your room the entire time your there and they must comply, security couldn't even enter your room. Hope this b**** was fire [sic] immediately,” a user named MaRiNuS ScHuNcK posted on YouTube.


“I don't think its that much of a big deal, i mean they shouldn't do it but i probably would have done the same 10 years ago. They are not stealing things, they just want to use it for a moment, again they shouldn't use your stuff but really nothing much happened here,” a user named respeezy commented.


For me (and according to the comments section, several others), the thing that really jumps out was the maid cleaning the bathroom, then moving on to the sleeping area without changing or removing her bathroom gloves. Eww.

Stravix says he's not going to name the hotel, but says that he provided hotel management a copy of the video.

I'm guessing they might have an opening in housekeeping.


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