We recently purchased a new home, and I have been amazed by the amount of junk/scam mail we have received since the sale hit public records. Our mortgage lender warned us this would likely happen, so we were prepared not to fall victim to any of them,  but that doesn't make it any less frustrating. Most of the notices we are receiving claim they are "second" or "final" warnings about our mortgage or home warranty, etc., but we haven't seen this particular scam pass our doorway...yet

The New Scam Flooding the Rockford Area

For the last week or so I've seen several people warning their neighbors about a water scam circulating the Rockford area. It doesn't involve phone calls or unwelcome visitors, it's a simple notice left on your front door that looks like this...

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The original poster of this photo, Tim S., included this information with the photo;

THIS IS A SCAM- If you get one of these at your door, don't call, don't let anyone in the house. They are claiming they are working with the City of Rockford to test your water. THEY ARE NOT. They are trying to get inside people's houses. Once they get in...who knows what will happen.

Thieves know your home is likely filled with a bunch of gifts right now, and they want a piece of that...don't let them. If you receive a notice like this, or any kind of scary-looking "second", "third", or "final' notice that catches you unaware, do your research before you respond to any of these "threats".

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