If you've every toyed with the idea of a security camera set-up on your front porch, this video should push you over into the "buy" column pretty quickly.

The video is not from the Rockford area, but was taken 3 days ago in a town called Bothell, Washington. However, what you'll see happens all the time not only here, but all across the nation.

We added a front porch cam to our house after having several things stolen, including my American flag and flagpole. We haven't had theft-minded visitors in a while now, but my cameras did help police catch the guys who burgled a neighbor's house. They, and their car's license plate showed up really well in full HD. Then, they got to show up in jail.

Anyway, things may have been stolen here, too--but, there was a price to be payed for it, and the cops know who they're looking for:

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