As an occasional golfer, I know first-hand (as many of you do) how frustrating the game can be. I've even been tempted to break, throw, and/or trash my clubs after playing particularly poorly. I've never done any of those things because...I'd have to pay for new ones.

Meet Dave Sayers. Dave was playing in a charity golf tournament in England recently, and he wasn't playing very well. However, he was drinking very, very well, so he decided to throw away the offending golf clubs in the nearest "rubbish bin" he could find.

Mr Sayers, from Cross Heath, Newcastle-under-Lyme, said: "We were coming to the end of the day and I had been losing it a bit with a few bad shots. We'd all had a few beers.

"I said, 'I'm going to bin these clubs' but they wouldn't fit. I decided to go a step further.

"I went to put my head in the bin, but then I couldn't get it out." 

How embarrassing. Well, at least nobody saw, right?

A crowd of amused onlookers, including Mrs Sayers' wife Alison and sons Daniel and Jake, are heard laughing hysterically in the video as the colourfully-dressed golfer attempts to extract himself from the narrow opening. 

Good thing golfers aren't the kind of folks who would make fun of someone else's difficulties. Yeah, right. Take a look:

Alright, now that we've seen something that you shouldn't do on a golf course, let's take a look at someone doing things we only wish we could do:

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