I enjoy golf, and I try to get out to play at least 3 times per season, schedule permitting. My late father, however, lived for golf and would play 3 times in a day, every day, if my mom would have agreed to it. He had to make due with 6 times per week. He always said that the saddest day of the year (not including April 15th) was when the golf courses shut down for the winter.

My dad is not around anymore to swing a club, but I know there are plenty of golfers who share his sentiment--especially that whole "saddest day" thing.

Sorry to be the one who points it out, but we're there. After tomorrow, Tuesday October 31st, your link-hitting opportunities (at least in our part of the world) will diminish significantly.

SELECT ROCKFORD PARK DISTRICT GOLF COURSES CLOSE FOR THE SEASON AFTER TUESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2017-- With the recent drop in temperatures, the 2017 golfing season is coming to a close. After Tuesday, October 31, 2017, the following Rockford Park District golf courses and practice facility will close for the winter months:
· Aldeen Practice Centre, 1902 Reid Farm Rd., Rockford
· Ingersoll Golf Course, 101 Daisyfield Rd., Rockford
· Sandy Hollow Golf Course, 2670 Sandy Hollow Rd., Rockford
· Sinnissippi Golf Course, 2004 Arlington Av., Rockford


But wait! It's not all bad news. Elliot Golf Course and Aldeen Golf Club may remain open (weather permitting) after October 31, 2017. Players are encouraged to call ahead to check operational hours. For updated information, visit www.golfrockford.org, or call Rockford Park District Golf Operations at 815-YOU-PLAY (815-968-7529) to be connected to a specific course.

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