There was a reason Bob Brenly was a fan favorite during his stint with the Cubs. 

He had great chemistry with broadcast partner Len Kasper and he was never shy about sharing his opinion.

Joe West has been one of the worst umpires in baseball for quite some time now. Everyone knows it. It's definitely not a secret.

Here's just a short example of him being horrible.

I'm a big fan of the Cubs current color man Jim Deshaies, but he's nowhere near as funny as Bob was when he was in the booth.

This is just another nudge in the direction of having a robot-called strike zone. The "purists" are going to hate it but that's just too bad. There are way too many bad calls to not use the technology that's already in place to be used.

Pitchers will complain for about 2 months and then they'll get used to it and we won't have to worry about bad umps ruining a game.

Until then keep fighting them Bob. We miss you in Chicago.

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