There were plenty of idiots in this video but before we get to that I'd like to highlight one hero in particular. 

He comes into the picture at the 42 second mark. He's been to the bleachers before and knows the number one rule. There's no fighting in the bleachers. There's AGGRESSIVELY foul language. There are people with BACs over .3. There is ruthless heckling. But there is no fighting.

Need a refresher?

That's been an unwritten rule for decades. I've spent some time in the trenches out there. It's wild. It's not a place for children or anyone that's easily offended. It's probably one of the last bastions of truly free speech but I've never seen a fight.

Now to address the people in the fracas. They're all idiots. There's one guy, in particular, that's really in big trouble but everyone involved needs to chill out. It doesn't matter what someone calls you, your girlfriend, or your mother. You're in the bleachers, go have a beer and let the court of public opinions deal with the idiot.

As far as the guy who's in deep trouble. That would be this guy. Some NSFW language in this one.

How do you in this day and age just start shouting racial slurs in public? You know there's a camera there. You know this might ruin your life. Just an idiot.

Hopefully, this will be a nice public service announcement for anyone heading to the bleachers this year.

One rule. No fighting. Pretty easy guys.


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