While some idiots were fighting at Wrigley, the White Sox were hosting some of the city's best dogs for a night out to the park. 

Very fashionable.

Not sure if this guy is digging his hat, but will go along with what his owner says.

Is that a tutu? Why are people still putting their dogs in tutus?

Couldn't make it to the game but too cute not to include.

That's a face that anyone could love.

This guy looks a little grumpy. Could be past his bedtime.

First of all, adorable. Second of all, these two look a lot alike.

Absolute unit right there.

As a Cub fan, it kind of saddens me that we'll never get a Dog Day at Wrigley since Tom Ricketts prefers they paying kind of customer but that's the hand we've been dealt as Cub fans.

Congrats to the White Sox on another dynamite promotion.

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