Being in the right place at the right time has its perks. That is, of course, unless the "perk" goes unnoticed.

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Downtown Rockford Is No Stranger To Celebrity Sightings

The two primary venues, BMO Harris Bank Center and Coronado Performing Arts Center along with various downtown bars, bring in professional athletes, bands, musicians, comedians, and more, you're bound to have a run-in with a big name.

Just last week, the fabulous marquee at the Coronado was brightly lit for a sold-out comedy show headlined by a very notable name.

This movie star/comedian decided downtown Rockford was a good spot to grab a bite before the show.

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The owner and super-restauranteur of Abreo, Paul Sletton shared the surprisingly funny story on social media.

So apparently my server went to Kevin James' table last night and didn't recognize him.

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James showed up at Abreo with a group that had curiosities about the restaurant, specifically if it would get busy on that night.

She replied "Thursday's are usually pretty good, and tonight there is some comedian Kevin something-something, so we expect to be pretty busy" then the whole table erupted in laughter.

Paul said a nearby table informed her on who was at the table, which would connect the dots on why they got a good chuckle.

when she came back to the table she just said "well all be damned!" And they erupted in laughter again.

Kevin James and his group were said to be pleasant and the experience was enjoyable for all, which makes me wish I had been in the right place at the right time.

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