This morning on the WROK Morning Show, our good friend Eric Wilson, news anchor at Channel 17's Eyewitness News, stopped by the studio along with some friends to discuss Starlight Theater's new production of Beauty and the Beast, which opens Wednesday.

We're always happy to extend an invite to Eric, whom I consider to be a real Renaissance man. I mean, in addition to being a news anchor, he's also a former radio guy, he's a husband and dad, he runs marathons, he's a pilot, and for the sake of this discussion, he's also an actor. Seriously, he makes the rest of us media guys look really lazy.

This morning, Eric, along with Chris Brady, who runs Rock Valley College's theatre department (which includes Starlight Theatre. He is directing all 4 shows this summer), Colleen Bartimoccia (she plays Belle), and Ian Garthwaite (he's the Beast), gave us the rundown on the new production, along with how Eric works theater into an incredibly busy schedule:

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