I'm a huge theater lover, and when I saw this post from Rock Valley College's Starlight Theatre come across my timeline yesterday, I about lost my mind from excitement.

Sadly, I have not seen Wicked yet, so I was already setting a reminder in my phone to find out more about tickets...I was too excited to remember what day it was...and then I saw this a couple hours later.

Day crushed.

Starlight, I commend you for your creativity and ability to pull off successful and dirty pranks, but I think I'm still mad at you.

The way I see it, you now owe it to Rockford to bring us Wicked in 2019. You better get working on that now if you ever want us to truly forgive you.

(Really, I'm not that mad, just bitter that I actually fell for this trickery. I really thought I was smarter than this, Lol!)

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