The Rockford area is blessed to have a LOT of beautiful and relaxing outdoor options to dine at during the summer months, but none of them are quite like the outdoor dining experience at Maxson Restaurant & Riverboat in Oregon, Illinois.

Going on one of Maxson's dinner cruises is something my husband and I have always said we wanted to do, (we almost had our wedding reception there), but sadly, we haven't done it yet. I'm pretty sure the Summer of 2021 is when we will finally check it off our list.

Riverboat Cruises at Maxson Restaurant & Riverboat

After being beached for the summer of 2020, Riverboat Cruises are back at Maxson's, and they actually start this holiday weekend!

Besides dinner cruises, Maxson's also offers Luncheon Cruises, Brunch Cruises on Sunday, and simple Sight Seeing Cruises too. No matter which cruise option you choose, you will be able to enjoy about 2 hours soaking in the beautiful sights along the Rock River in Oregon on a super cool Riverboat.

Although I'm sure Maxson's Sight Seeing Cruises are enjoyable, I think one of the cruises that feature a meal is definitely the way to go. (Check out the menu options here). Enjoying a great meal with a view is always a plus, but saving money while you do it is even better, right? So, before you book your Maxson Riverboat cruise, check out this offer from the ChowDown O Town Facebook page..

As I mentioned above, my husband and I almost booked our wedding reception at Maxson, but out guest list passes the capacity the reception area could hold. I bring this up only because Maxson's Restaurant AND Riverboat makes great venues for an event. If you've got a wedding, business meeting, family get-together, or excuse to party coming up, you should definitely check out Maxson Restaurant & Riverboat!

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