Do you need another reason to eat bacon? Besides the fact that it's the single best tasting food on the planet. No? Well neither do I, but here's a great one anyway.

Eating Bacon Could Be Key to a Long Life, says Illinois Resident

Ruth Benjamin, an Illinois resident, just celebrated her 109th birthday. Besides attributing her good health and long life to not smoking, not drinking, and staying married to the same man to 43 years, Ruth also says that she loves bacon. According to, She also said she ate a lot of sauerkraut and potatoes. Her doctor attributes her longevity to a positive attitude and happiness and says that he has no recommendations for her. She's obviously doing something right.

I think we could all learn some lessons from Ruth.

  • No smoking
  • No drinking alcohol
  • Eat bacon, sauerkraut and potatoes
  • Be happy
  • Travel

I don't know about you, but I'm not sure about a few things on those list making me happy. I'm on board with eating bacon every day, but as for no smoking or drinking... well I'm not making any promises.

How about you? What are some key factors you think help you stay healthy and will contribute to a longer life? Would love to hear them.


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