The answer to that question is...well, kinda yes and kinda no. When it comes to our country's happiest states, Illinois comes down the middle.

WalletHub's analysts crunched the numbers from all 50 states and the District of Columbia to see what it took for people to answer in the affirmative when asked if they were happy overall. Some of their findings:

WalletHub’s analysts considered all of these elements to determine which states are home to the happiest Americans. In order to do so, we compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 28 key metrics, ranging from emotional health to income levels to sports participation rates. “People who make more money tend to report higher positive emotions.” But income isn’t the only determinant of personal happiness. Apart from financial security, a pleasant state of being also depends on other factors, such as one’s physical health, personal purpose and social connectivity.

Here are America's top ten happiest states, along with their overall score out of a possible 100:

  1. Utah (71.02)
  2. Minnesota (69.09)
  3. North Dakota (67.95)
  4. Hawaii (66.63)
  5. Colorado (61.59)
  6. Idaho (60.93)
  7. Iowa (60.92)
  8. Nebraska (60.65)
  9. South Dakota (60.08)
  10. California (59.96)

As for Illinois, we come in at #25 overall, with a score of 52.60. We rank 26th for overall emotional and physical well being, rank 41st in "work environment," and 23rd in "community and environment."

The five least happy states are:

  • Arkansas (38.22)
  • Mississippi (36.05)
  • Kentucky (35.08)
  • Alabama (34.15)
  • West Virginia (32.65)

For WalletHub's full report and methodology, click here.