I'm not trying to be a cynic, but I must admit that I was somewhat surprised by this. Illinois has just been named one of the happiest states in America. It's apparently all sunshine and roses in the Land of Lincoln - allegedly.

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In defense of WalletHub, they include a lot of science and metrics in their rankings. The methodology behind which states are happy and which ones are not include emotional and physical well-being, work environments, community things and...well, lots of other happiness factors using numbers and stuff. See their helpful (and happy) map for yourself. You'll see Illinois at #8 making into the top 10 of flowers and lollipops.

Source: WalletHub

How did Illinois end up in the top 10? The WalletHub metrics put them at #3 on the primary emotional and physical well-being category. The work environment and community environment not so much.

What about Missouri? The Show Me State is apparently filled with frowns coming in way down at #41.

The one result that makes me question how much happiness is really being measured here is because New Jersey is ranked at #5 most happiest. Have you been to New Jersey lately (or ever)? No offense intended, Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi.

The entire WalletHub ranking is worth a read to see if you agree with the happiness science used. Happiness is such a subjective thing anyway so don't get down in the dumps if your state didn't end up near the top.

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