Every single time I talk myself out of buying a drone (and there have been multiple times), I turn around and see some really cool drone camera footage shot by someone who didn't talk themselves out of buying one. Earlier this week, our own Joe Dredge posted some beautiful footage of the Rock River and Rockford's downtown area that was shot around sunset. And, like they say during late-night TV commercials, "But wait, there's more!"

Since the weather this weekend is going to be hot and sunny, with temperatures approaching the 90 degree mark, you may have Magic Waters on your mind. If you don't, maybe taking a look at some outstanding footage shot by Rockford's own Brian Thomas Photography will put you in that mindset.

Since I forgot to request a drone for Father's Day, I'll just have to rely on others for a birds-eye perspective of Rockford. If you've got stills or video of the Rockford area that you've shot, send them along to me, and we'll try to feature your stuff here.

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