I have lived in Cherry Valley Township all of my life, so I'm a hardcore Cherry Valleyian, (I just made that word up), at heart. I was probably way more excited than I should have been when Cattle & Cream opened in Cherry Valley, and I LOVE seeing all the advancements being made in the downtown area.

Being a proud Cherry Valleyian (there's my new fav word again), I like to think I'm pretty up on the Valley gossip as well. One of the biggest rumors that has been swirling for months is about the development of a new shopping and event venue right on the main drag of CV, and my friends, it is a rumor no more!

If you've driven through Downtown Cherry Valley in the last week or so, you may have seen this and thought. "what the heck is happening?"

The Bricks via Facebook
The Bricks via Facebook

Well, what is happening is the demolition of  the "old" to create a new shopping and event space called 'The Bricks' !  Just look how awesome this new development will be...

Besides having a bunch of new shops highlighting locally-owned businesses, The Bricks will also be home to an event venue, (and the rumor mill says a restaurant space with a rooftop bar that has yet to be confirmed). They will also be hosting several weekend markets, and the first one is actually happening this Sunday, July 4th!

I'm sure more exciting announcements will be coming from The Bricks in the upcoming months, so you should probably give them a like on Facebook now so you don't miss any of them.

More CV Gossip

And just because I can't end this post without giving you some more juicy gossip...I've also heard that big plans are in the works for the former Cherry Valley Fire Administration Building located right across the street from The Bricks space. Stay tuned for confirmation.


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