You can argue who is the best player in Bears history but the answer to the question who was the most exciting player in Bears history is easy. Devin Hester. 

The greatest return man the NFL has ever seen has decided to officially hang up the cleats. He spent 11 years in the league, mostly with the Bears, terrorizing special teams defenses.  He made the usually mundane kickoff or punt a must watch. When Devin was getting ready to field a catch it wasn't time to be caught in the bathroom.

I'd embed a bunch of Hester return highlight but the NFL is pretty strict on removing videos from YouTube as soon as they go up. I think I'll be alright posting montage video but if it disappears, I'm sorry.

My personal story about Devin Hester involves the memorable Monday Night game against the Vikings. The game that gave us this memorable post-game press conference.

I was working as a manager of a Buffalo Wild Wings at the time. I happened to be closing the restaurant that night. The Cardinals were blowing out the Bears so I sent the other managers home and cut most of the staff. I figured that the crowd would thin out since the Bears were losing so bad.

Then they started to come back little by little. The restaurant was getting a little unruly but nothing I couldn't handle. Then it happened. Hester returned the punt that gave the Bears the lead. I've never felt anything like it before. The entire place went nuts. There were people standing on tables, banging on the bar, just straight up screaming. I was behind the bar and could just feel the energy. It was a little scary. I remember thinking that if this place turns, I'm woefully outnumbered and started to worry about the safety of my staff.

Thankfully things calmed down to a dull roar after about 10 minutes. I did have to ask several people to get off their tables but no one was hurt.

That's what a Hester return could do. He was the best.

The only remaining question is if he's a Hall of Famer. It's an absolute yes in my book. The only thing holding him back is that there currently isn't a pure returner currently in the hall.

If the criteria to get in the Hall of Fame is being the best at your position we should be seeing a bust of Hester in Canton in 5 years.

Thanks for the memories Devin. You were ridiculous.

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