Make sure you behave yourself in Wrigleyville because someone will be watching everything soon. 

ChiTrib - Wrigleyville Ald. Tom Tunney said the city and the team will work on the placement of the cameras which cost around $30,000 each to buy and install - and will become part of the OEMC's citywide network of security cameras.

All in all the Cubs and the city would like to add a total of 30 new cameras around the ballpark at a total of around a million dollars.

Reports are that security will be much more strict and thorough searches will be done to all fans in the next few weeks. This means that getting into the park could take some more time than usual and you should be prepared.

One security measure the Cubs are trying to pass that would benefit the fans would be the elimination of cars around the park. The Cubs have been asking for awhile to shut down the streets in front of the park and think that the recent terrorist attacks might be enough to push the measure through.

As always. Keep your head on a swivel when in congested areas and if you see something say something.

Go Cubs.

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