Fred is the unofficial Director of Morale for the Chicago Cubs...

Is how I used to introduce Fred in these blogs. But there may have been an update that happened after his appearance on the show:

That's the Cubs replying to DOM on Twitter this morning with Jake Arrieta in a "Christ-like" pose just 12 hours after DOM posts this:

It's not official-official quite yet, but it looks like negotiations are open. Congrats on the promotion Fred!

Fred came on today to talk about a few things. Jake Arrieta being back, obviously, but also about one of his other favorite Cub from the past, Pedro Strop. Hats are, indeed, once again to the left.  We get into how Jed Hoyer is handling the team now that Theo has moved on to literally run the league. Fred made it perfectly clear that he wanted to see a few extensions out of the front office sooner than later. Now that he's basically an employee of the Cubs, I'm sure they'll listen.

I also had to ask him about how the Deshawn Watson recruitment to Chicago has been going. Fred has been donating his services to the Bears during the offseason. His recruitment of Watson on social media has been relentless. Here's DOM seizing the moment today after it was announced that Carson Wentz was going to the Colts.

I don't believe that Deshawn has officially replied but you know he's aware of Fred's determination to present Chicago as the best landing place in the country.

It's always a ride with Fred (literally, he calls us on his way to work) and this time was no exception. Look forward to his next visit to the show.

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