Harry Caray
MCT Graphics, Getty Images

Okay, it's probably safe to say that Cubs fans have gone a little nuts this year, especially now that the Cubs are back in the World Series after a multi-decade absence. Even if it's not safe to say it, it's still true. Even cemeteries are getting in on the celebration.

Let's go back 25 years, to 1991. As usual, things just didn't go the way the Cubs and their fans had hoped they would. Harry Caray was wrapping up things up:

Turns out, he was right. It took a quarter century from Harry's promise, but here we are. With all the talk about 1908 and 1945, 1984 and 2003, there's no doubt that Cub fans have long, long memories, and those memories extend to Harry Caray's gravesite, where Cubs faithful have been visiting and leaving behind...green apples. Ernie Banks' grave is receiving similar tributes. Then, there's the folks with the ashes of their loved ones, looking to do some scattering.

Chicago's Fox 32 takes a look:

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