The Friends of the Coronado Foundation is proud to announce it has received a $13,280 grant for Historic Furniture Restoration Project at the Coronado Theatre.

The grant, awarded by the Community Arts and Humanities Fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois’ Community Grants Program, will focus on the grand gilded sofas and chairs located in the historic lobby. These beautiful pieces will be restored with new fabric upholstery, cushioning, and frame repair.

These are original pieces from the 1927 opening of the theater positioned precisely as they have been for the last 90 years, below the chandelier in the historic lobby.

Keep in mind that the furniture was completely restored during the Coronado restoration in 2000. The furniture is used and enjoyed by everyone who visits the theater. It's been 18 years now, and nearly one million individuals have attended events at the Coronado.

Beth Howard, Executive Director of the Friends of the Coronado Foundation:

“These furnishings are THE iconic furniture pieces of the Coronado Theatre. Children who see the Coronado for the first time very often equate the experience to a “castle”, and these large gilded furnishings are the king and queen’s thrones in their imaginations. Equally as passionate are other community members whose memories and community pride are very much attached to these furnishings. They must remain grand and beautiful for everyone to enjoy”


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