This is some big news for Cub fans everywhere. 

If you're a Cubs fan you've gone through a lot of emotions since October. Once they actually won the World Series we all went through about 3 weeks of shock. You couldn't believe it. Then came the holiday season where I think every Cubs fan received at minimum 8 pieces of World Series memorabilia (I'm literally wearing one right now.) After that things died down a little and things are starting to ramp back up with Spring Training.

But this got the juices flowing once again. Sure it's only 30 seconds but I've watched it at least 7 times now and can't wait until March 27th. This is going to be great.

P.S. I'm not sure what David Ross is referring to when he says he "threw it in the crapper." I'm thinking it was this play.

But I'm not sure. We can all find out in a couple of weeks.

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