Let's be very serious, it feels like everything but food is in short supply. Yes, some foods are lacking in availability but there are other options, for now.

I would love to give you some educational and informative reasons behind each and every supply issue but I can't. I'm not that smart and I'm not going to pretend I know.

"Sorry, we're out of _____."

Have you been to a store to find a very specific item that has ordinarily always been available? What about products for your business? Is it something involving a computer chip? (If so, be prepared to wait for so long that you almost forget you ordered it). Those prior questions are valid for so many different industries.


I was confused by something the City of Rockford shared on Facebook regarding bills to be sent to residents. I read it and thought, "Wait, how is there a supplier issue with those?"

And, even so, if city officials deemed it important to post on social media it means at least one person reached out to their office with concerns.


The answer? High gas prices and hearing or reading, "sorry, we're out of those. We hope to get an order in soon."

In 2022, I would have never guessed there would ever be a supply issue with envelopes but, I'll be danged, it's a thing. Apparently, there is a shortage of white envelopes for bills to be placed in.

I couldn't tell you the last time I mailed something let alone needed an envelope. I thought we were paying online? I guess I'm wrong and this concludes my TED talk.

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