I don't know if this rate change was already in the works before every Illinois resident nearly passed out upon receiving their latest Nicor Gas bill, or if it is just a quick response to customer complaints, but Nicor Gas prices will be lower starting this February...Thank the sweet baby Jesus.

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Now, I must admit I have no idea what my home's recent Nicor Gas bill is. Paying bills usually pisses me off, so thankfully my husband handles the opening and paying of the bills, and it's a dang good thing he does because if I had seen the Nicor Gas numbers, I would have LOST it.

Yes, all of our heating bills go up in the winter, but many Illinois residents' bills nearly doubled for December when their heating habits did not. Are the pandemic/supply chain troubles/high demand to blame? Sure, but it's a REALLY bad time to be paying bigger bills with so many people struggling financially right now.

Relief for Illinois' Gas Problems Is Coming Soon

If you're really stressing about how to pay these ridiculous natural gas bills, perhaps it will ease your mind a bit to know the next few bills might not be as high? Mystateline.com says;

 Nicor Gas said it is working to lower its monthly gas costs for a new rate taking effect February 1st.

Nicor said Thursday it has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission to lower the monthly cost to 55 cents, a 20% reduction since December.

Need a little comparison of the recent rates compared to the new rate change for Nicor Gas? In December 2021 Nicor's price per therm was $.68, in January 2022 it is $.61 per them, and in February 2022 it will be $.55 per therm. Honestly, I'm less than enthused about the differences this decrease will make on our bills, but something is better than nothing I guess.

If you are struggling to pay your heating bills this winter, Nicor Gas can help...

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