Rockford has already witnessed a little spitting of snow but no accumulation yet, it is inevitable though.

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And, just like some drivers forget how to drive in certain weather (rain, fog, and snow), a few reminders may serve you well.

Driving With Snow On Top Of Your Vehicle In Rockford Could Cop You A Big Fine
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One of the winter-related laws that often go ignored or forgotten is Illinois' 'snow mattress' law.


The snow that accumulates on your windshield, the roof of your vehicle, rear window, or trunk, is referred to as a snow mattress. If you don't clear off your vehicle and it launches off your vehicle you could be ticketed, over $100 in extreme cases.

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Another law in Illinois states it is illegal to leave your vehicle running at any time if it is unattended and the keys are in the vehicle.


In Rockford, there are specific snow-related rules you may need to be reminded of.

Residents (not the City or its subcontracted workers) are responsible for their sidewalks and alleys.

Winter Snow Storm Hammers Northeastern US
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After plows have passed your mailbox, "adjacent [snow removal] to mailboxes is the responsibility of each resident."

It is against city code to toss snow nor ice (from sidewalks or private property) into the street or "piled so high as to obstruct motorists’ view."

Street with the snow in the town of Saco, Maine
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Vehicles that do not follow the odd/even parking rule during a snow emergency are subject to a $60 parking ticket.

All snow and ice-related information regarding the City of Rockford is listed here.

(P.S., accumulating snow will be here sooner or later, be prepared.)

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