If you've been watching any coverage of the Baltimore riots, chances are good you've seen Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke giving his opinions on the police response to the violence.

Who is David Clarke? And why has he become such a prominent voice on matters of policing and crime?

National Review's Charles C.W. Cooke joined the show this week to discuss his recent cover story from National Review in which he profiles Clarke. As Cooke notes, the Sheriff's profile has grown exponentially in the past few years:

At local conservative events, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and at pro–Second Amendment meetings, the man is welcomed like a rock star. His face is a regular feature on the front covers of firearms-enthusiast and law-enforcement magazines. He is a fixture on Fox News and talk radio. On the face of it, Clarke was just joking when he told the 70,000 attendees of this year’s NRA convention that he “isn’t running for anything . . . yet.” But all gags contain a modicum of truth, and, with his pregnant pause, Clarke was acknowledging just how popular he had become. “I’m a cop at heart — it’s in my blood,” he insists when I ask about his future. But he won’t rule anything out.

You can hear our entire interview with Charles C.W. Cooke below:

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