This summer, Mother Nature has been treating this area pretty much the same way a baby treats a diaper--heavy saturation with dangerous floating debris. This weekend, however, it looks like we're getting a break.

That break comes in the form of a weather forecast that's low on rainfall. With all the heavy rains we've endured, there's one group that has suffered almost as much as those with flooded basements: Rock River boaters, skiers, tubers, and/or pontooners.

Over the last several weeks, Sheriff Gary Caruana has issued several "no wake" orders for the Rock River due to the high water conditions on the Rock, combined with a lot of floating debris.

Just a little while ago, the Sheriff's office tweeted out some good news for everyone who has been itching to get out on the water:

Here's hoping we get to see some some great Ski Broncs shows again in the very near future, along with rides on the Forest City Queen, too.