Mother Nature has been in foul mood this summer, and with the recent (and upcoming) weather conditions, it appears that Rockford area boat owners are taking it on the chin again.

I was talking to a couple of boat owners around here, and although one is a long-time Rock River pontoon guy, and the other is a brand new boat guy, they both are feeling the frustrations of not being able to get their watercraft out on the Rock River.

"I'm getting a lot of things done around the house this summer...damn it," said the pontoon guy, "I normally get a lot less accomplished thanks to the 'ol pontoon, but I haven't had it out more than 3 times since Memorial Day."

The new boat owner has spent a lot more time with his boat, he was quick to point out, but almost all of it has been in his driveway. "I'm new to this, still need some experience to be comfortable, and bottom line--I don't want to hit something floating in the Rock and wreck my new boat."

I can relate, even though I'm not really a boat guy. It's kind of like getting a new bike for Christmas, then having to wait until Spring before you can ride it. Then it snows all Spring.

Bottom line, boaters:

Although, I hear there's a really cool driveway boat party going on somewhere...

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