I'm not one to usually complain about "coastal elites" but this website is pretty ridiculous.

The website is Thedailymeal.com, and it has a post on it titled Dishes You'll Only Find In The Midwest. There are some questionable entries on the list including.

Pigs In A Blanket

The insinuation that Midwesterners "love convenient foods and appetizers" is pretty dumb. We are the only ones that like appetizers? That doesn't check out and I'm SURE there are some New Englanders that shove these in their face by the fistful, looking at you Boston.

Potato Skins

This convinces me that whoever compiled this list has just never been to a restaurant. Potato skins are literally a top 5 app anywhere in the country. Others might not fill the skins with chili, but potato skins are a universal truth.

Tater Tot Casserole

Two things. One, that looks disgusting and two, I'm very sure that there is no such thing as a tater tot casserole. This just absolutely reeks of someone just throwing Midwestern words together in a photo search and this image was spit out.

They don't even explain where this would be popular (if it does actually exist, my money is on Minnesota, they're weird.) And the statement "Midwesterners love their casseroles" is reductive and quite honestly a tad insulting.


This is where I first lost all confidence in the post. They already included the green bean casserole on this list, which I will concede is a Midwestern (albeit disgusting) dish. I get the appeal to some but it's not for me. They also included the above tater tot casserole and then just threw in all other casseroles and just made up a name for them. You can tell that they even know they're making it up when they use quotes in the header.

The internet says that the classic casserole is sometimes called a hotdish by those wacky Minnesotans but I've literally never heard of a hotdish and I've been going to potlucks for decades.

Nice try Daily Meal but you know as much about Midwestern cuisine as Michael Scott did about New York pizza.

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