More like #EveryBOTEin amirite?

David Bote has had a pretty unique career path. The journeyman minor leaguer finally found a home on the Chicago Cubs and he looks pretty comfortable.

Sunday was a big day for David. First he hit the walk-off single to secure the game and series win over the Diamondbacks. Then he was mysteriously absent for all the post-game hoopla. He didn't get the Gatorade shower, he reportedly didn't even change after the game. He had places to be.

The place? A hospital room where his wife was about to induce pregnancy for their third child. Rizzo noted that yesterday was exactly 36 weeks after this happened:

and speculated that this might be a "grand slam" baby. 36 weeks is a little short for a pregnancy but not out of the question.

Sunday's walk-off was the fourth of Bote's career, which spans back to the middle of last season. He's tied for the most walk-offs in the time frame and did them all at Wrigley (obviously). That means that Bote is walking off the Cubs in just over 8% of the games he's played at Wrigley. Not bad.

Congrats to the Bote family. It looks like David has a home here in Chicago and after 3 kids, he's going to need a pretty big one.

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