Every Tuesday on The Riley & Scot Show, we spend some time after 8am with our pal Rich Gambini of Crimestoppers.

Yesterday, part of our conversation turned to the topic of impaired driving, DUIs, and the recent high profile news stories involving drunk driving and its terrible aftermath.

As we've discussed before, even if you don't care about your well-being or the health and safety of others, you should at least consider the financial impact of a DUI.

According to Chicagonow.com, the costs associated with a DUI in Illinois are steep:

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office estimates that the typical DUI conviction costs a driver $14,660 when all is said and done. Here are some of the hidden, and not-so-hidden, costs to keep in mind:

Insurance. If convicted, Illinois law requires you to get high risk car insurance for three years. This can cost $1,500 a year, or $4,500 total.


Fines. If convicted of a DUI, you will probably have to pay a fine. In Illinois, the fine can be $2,500 for a first offense.


Towing, court fees, etc. You'll get hit with various fees and costs. You'll have to get your car back from the impound lot; there will be court fees; and there's the mandatory contribution to a trauma center fund. These costs can be anywhere from $500 - $1,000.


BAIID. If you're convicted of a DUI in Illinois and you want driving privileges, you'll have to get this device installed in your car's ignition (it won't start unless you're sober). It can cost around $600 for installation and monthly fees.


Treatment/classes. You may be required to undergo an alcohol abuse evaluation and take classes. This can cost a few hundred dollars.


License reinstatement. There is a fee for reinstatement, plus a fee for getting a new license, and a fee for a formal hearing. Getting your Illinois driver's license back can cost anywhere from $250 to $550.


Legal fees. Again, this should cost at least $1,500.


Missed work. This entire process will cost you a huge chunk of time. You may have to miss work - and lose pay - to take care of everything.


If there was a vehicle accident involved, with possible injuries and civil lawsuits, the costs of a DUI can sky rocket. In addition, your employer can fire you if they learn of your DUI conviction. And future employers may decide to not hire you based on the fact that you have a criminal record. In Illinois, a DUI conviction remains on your record forever. It cannot be expunged or sealed.


Cyberdriveillinois.com arrived at $16,580.00 as an approximate total for costs involved with a DUI here in Illinois.

With that in mind, I give a lot of credit to the creative minds behind this new Budweiser beer commercial. Take a look:

Think about others, yourself, the money...if that doesn't work, think about your dog.


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