The Bears confirmed one of the worst kept secrets they've had in a while. 

The whispers began even before Nick Foles was injured in last Monday night's embarrassing loss to the Vikings. The Bears started the season with Mitch under center but made the switch during halftime of their Week 3 win against the Falcons.

The next 3 weeks saw inconsistent play from Foles but, with the help of a dominant defense, the Bears went 2-1 over the next 3 games. Trubisky supporters would still tell you that number 10 should be the starter, but the Bears were 5-1 and one of the top teams in the NFL.

Then the losing started. The Bears lost 4 in a row to the Rams, Saints, Titans, and the aforementioned embarrassment against the Vikings on national television.

Foles' play was not looking any better and he was also carted off the field at the end of the Minnesota game.

Despite the Bears saying that Foles' injury wasn't as bad as they first feared, reporters smelled something weird at Halas Hall and the Mitch Trubisky as starter rumors started as early as last Wednesday.

Up until just two days ago, the Bears wouldn't commit to an answer either way, but the practice schedule was telling them everything they needed to know.

Bears reporters were reporting the news even before the Bears officially announced it. This was posted 3 hours before the Bears announced the news.

So it's Mitch time for the Bears. Bear fans should be reminded that Mitch is 3-0 as a starter and recently said this in an interview earlier this week.

I liked the fact that he took pride in the defense benefiting from his scout team work. He really does seem to say the right things.

Mitch Trubisky leading the Bears back to interesting would be weird but nothing weirder than we've seen this year.

Watch Mitch against the Packers this Sunday night on national television. Can't be more embarrassing than the last national game.

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