The (unofficial) Captain of the Cubs sounds pretty bummed out. 

Ian Happ hosts a podcast on the Marquee Network called The Compound where he has various baseball guests on to talk about the sport. It's a good listen. He recently had Anthony Rizzo on to talk about missing Wrigley Field and he sounds depressed.

BUT... We might have some good news.

This was tweeted out literally while I was writing this.

This is easily the best news we've heard about the possibility of baseball this season in a looooong time. I'm sure there's a lot to still work out but it's nice having hope again.

Support the cause and buy a shirt.

UPDATE: This guy had to come by and put out some flames.

That was a fun 5 minutes thinking we were going to play some baseball. Back to refreshing Twitter every 90 seconds hoping for an update. Media leaks are the best.

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