A couple of weeks ago, I posted a piece called "Mother Nature Just Doesn't Like Drones."

In that piece, I included a video of a guy's quadcopter drone being attacked and knocked out of the sky by an angry hawk. Someone who read that piece then sent me a video of an angry ram head-butting another drone to the ground.

I'll admit to being fascinated by camera-equipped drones. My son and I have discussed on several occasions how much fun we could have (and, how much trouble we could get into) with our own drone. My wife has agreed to take our suggestion under advisement.

Now however, I'm not so sure that I want the wrath of Mother Nature focused on me. I mean, I've seen how she used to get when people tricked her into thinking that margarine was butter...you don't want that kind of trouble.

And, trouble is apparently what you get when you combine drones with wildlife (fast forward to around the 2:30 point in this first video):



In the next vid, some researchers were experimenting with a "bio-inspired" drone that is supposed to look like a bird of some sort. This one features the drone being attacked from above by an eagle, carried a short while in it's talons, then crashing to earth.