Food Network host and really cool guy Alton Brown is performing tonight at the Coronado and just tweeted out this awesome video of him fawning over the Coronado.

I've always been a huge fan of Alton's. Even though I cook a lot, I don't really like most cooking shows. Most of them are just extensions of the personality of a certain chef. No reason why they're doing any of the things they're doing, they just like it that way.

Alton is totally different. While he is a great personality and pretty funny to boot, he always gives an explanation of why he's doing everything. And he does it in a way everyone can understand and comprehend.

While in town Alton has been experiencing some unique Rockford eats.

Someone from By the Dozen bakery sent him some doughnuts.

Then he went on to create his very own drink at the Rockford Roasting Company.

Going to have to try that soon.

Tickets are still available for tonight's show. You can grab some here. 

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