Taking care of your mental health and your mental wellness is more important than ever before. Your mental wellness can be greatly affected by where you live and your surroundings. That's why it is exciting to see that the number 1 city in the US for mental wellness is right here in the Land of Lincoln.

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According to the website Lawnstarter.com, the number one city in the US in 2022 for Mental Wellness is none other than Naperville, Illinois! Naperville ranks number one just ahead of Pasadena (California), Seattle, Freemont (California), and San Fransico. So how did they determine which cities are best for your mental wellness? On the site they say...

"We considered 33 metrics based on mental, physical, social, financial, and environmental factors. These include factors like access to therapists, cost of living, average sleep levels, meditation classes, and urban gardening-friendliness."

So what about Naperville makes it so great for mental wellness? Naperville ranks #1 for financial wellness, number 3 for environment wellness, and 8th for access to mental wellness. Naperville has the 4th most therapists per capita, 3rd highest rate of people with health insurance, and the site goes on to say...

"Naperville, Illinois, takes first place overall and in Financial Wellness. A small share of adults with poor mental health and low divorce rates brought this city to the top."

For our readers on the Missouri side of the river, the highest scoring city in Missouri for mental wellness is Springfield, Missouri coming in ranked 119th... To see the complete list of cities for yourself just click here!

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