Illinois’ Best Chicken Tenders Are Just an Hour From Rockford
Let's all close our eyes and picture a delicious chicken tender.
Do you have it pictured in your mind? Can you taste it? Is your mouth watering? Good. Now let's talk tenders.
Actually, first, let's look at some chicken tenders.
Chicken Lit Tenders & Wings in Naperville was just n…
Naperville Schools Ban Prayer at Student Sporting Events
Following a complaint from the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, the Naperville school district is banning "team prayers" at high school sporting events.
District 203 Superintendent Dan Bridges says the ban includes any coach-led prayer at all Naperville Ce…
Sarah Palin To Sign Books in Naperville
She's not running for President. She's no longer a Fox News analyst. But former Governor Sarah Palin appears to be keeping busy as ever.
The one-time Republican vice-presidential candidate is planning a book-signing event in suburban Chicago...

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