You've gotta love the month of September, because it's when we celebrate Oktoberfest. I know, I've always found that to be a bit weird, too. You'd think Oktoberfest would be in...oh, I don't know...October? Well, that aside, if you're looking for a great Oktoberfest party, you don't have to drive far.

Before we talk about where the cool Oktoberfest parties are, some background on Oktoberfest:

Okay, sure, the original and biggest celebration of Oktoberfest takes place in the German city of Munich, but with over 47 million people of German heritage, the U.S. certainly does its part to make sure the world's supply of beer diminishes every year at this time.

To determine the best American cities for celebrating Oktoberfest, the numbers-crunchers at WalletHub took a look at the:

100 largest U.S. cities, ranked according to 20 key indicators of an epic German celebration. Our metrics range from the percentage of the German population to the number of breweries per capita.

The Top U.S. Cities for Oktoberfest Celebrating are:

  1. Cincinnati
  2. Pittsburgh
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Minneapolis
  5. Orlando
  6. Denver
  7. Tampa
  8. Miami
  9. Madison, Wisconsin
  10. Boise
  11. Scottsdale
  12. St. Louis
  13. Columbus, Ohio
  14. St. Paul
  15. Buffalo
  16. Colorado Springs
  17. Milwaukee
  18. Cleveland
  19. Philadelphia
  20. New Orleans

I've always wanted to go to Munich for Oktoberfest, but I haven't made it yet. So, let's get a tour of the party:

I'm in. Just for the pretzels, of course.


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