Are you a Rockford resident who feels like you don't have enough stuff in your house that screams "hey, I'm from Rockford?"

You're in luck because eBay is loaded with off Rockford-related items that are just waiting to adorn the walls of your home.

Here are the 10 weirdest Rockford-centric items for sale on eBay.

Grapefruit Juicer
twolfe3017 via eBay

While the seller does say this item is "vintage" there is no indication of the age of this juicer. It does look old enough that you probably wouldn't want to use it to make a fresh-squeezed glass of OJ in the morning. It does have "Rockford" engraved on the back of it.

Luggage Forwarding
jamesdouglassgalery via eBay

Wait, you mean to tell me this hotel had soft water AND an electric kitchen? The Nelson Hotel opened on South Main Street in the late 1800s, so you probably don't want to lick the back off this label.

Spark Plug
kyrndkhd via eBay

The seller of this spark plug says it's "odd shaped." It kind of just looks like a spark plug. Anyway, it says Rockford on it and could be yours for only $12.

Rockford High School Yearbook
yearbookusa1 via eBay

A yearbook for sale on eBay really isn't all that weird. What does make this item a little unusual is its asking price of $74.99. If you were a member of the class of 1937 you probably have lived long enough without your yearbook to not justify dropping almost $75.

Pencil Sharpener
metal_investments via eBay

There's never a good pencil sharpener around when you need one. The tag on the side of this sharpener not only says it's from Rockford, but it also claims it is "automatic." Considering it has a hand crank, some might question the manufacturer's usage of the word "automatic."

Advertising Bowl
2-wheeler via eBay

Before there were business cards, people apparently advertised their services using bowls. The only problem was once you filled the bowl, you couldn't read the person's name.

Rockford rap
chikko47 via eBay

The Rockford Mixtape Vol. 2 features all of your favorite rappers including Bud Viscious, Smaccman and Lil Ben. If you're not into the music, the disc does feature a map of Rockford. It might be hard out there in the streets, but it should at least should be a little easier to navigate them with this handy map.

American Bank Knife
rick2011eagles via eBay

"Thanks for banking with us, here's a free knife."

On The Waterfront
Brainzy13 via eBay

Cheap Trick played the On The Waterfront festival in downtown Rockford in 1987. You would never know that from looking at this rusty admission button. Apparently the Illinois Lottery did something right to have their logo as large as the name of the the festival.

Salt and Pepper shakers
billybluedemon via eBay

Imagine your family around the dinner table, enjoying a nice Thanksgiving feast. When someone asks you to pass the salt and pepper, you can also carefully pass them a history lesson with these Camp Grant bullet shakers.

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