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The RACVB Invites You to "Go Trickford"
We spent some time this morning with our friend Andrea from the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (RACVB), who is always chock full of information about the many cool events and activities taking place in and around Rockford. This morning, Andrea told me about a really interesting place t…
Cheap Trick And The Coronado
If you are planning on attending a show and sit in the nose bleed section of the Coronado performing Arts Center, you will notice one seat clearly stands out from all the rest, and with good reason.
10 Weirdest Rockford Items For Sale on eBay
Are you a Rockford resident who feels like you don't have enough stuff in your house that screams "hey, I'm from Rockford?"
You're in luck because eBay is loaded with off Rockford-related items that are just waiting to adorn the walls of your home.
Cheap Trick Nearly Burned By The Flame
Rockford's own Cheap Trick had a #1 hit with "The Flame," but I doubt this was part of some elaborate marketing scheme.
According to Lancaster Online, a subwoofer caught on fire after a Cheap Trick show this weekend in Pennsylvania. Ultimate Classic Rock has a bit more on the story: