Rockford has a lot to offer visitors. There is also a long list of unique places, businesses, and people in Rockford. If you were mentioning these to someone who has never been to Rockford or ever heard of it, they may scratch their head in confusion.

Businesses like Culture Shock, Rockford Art Deli, and Pepper Creek sound nothing like you'll find inside. Beef-a-Roo, Tom & Jerry's, and Cattle & Cream might bring up the question, "what is that?" And, people unfamiliar with Rockford might not know the big-name locals who have had a big impact in music, movie, and sports.

Check this list of Rockford things only true locals would understand.

25 Rockford Things Only Locals Will Understand

Can You Identify These 20 Intersections in Rockford?

Rockford has some weird intersections as well as "worst" intersections. Test your knowledge and see if you can correctly name all 20 of these interactions in the forest city.

10 Best Rockford Restaurants To Celebrate Valentine's Day According To Yelp


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