Trevor Bauer was the runaway winner of the NL Cy Young for the 2020 season.

Bauer received 27 of the first-place votes, Darvish did receive the only other first-place nods. Here's what Yu tweeted right after the votes were announced.

I don't know how to embed a translated tweet so here's what the Google translate says it says:

They Cy Young vote was second!

Thanks to my family, the fans who supported me, the staff who supported me, and my teammates.

I will do my best again so that I can be thrilled on this day next year.

A very nice sentiment from a notoriously nice guy.

Fast forward to this morning when apparently his agent gave him some good news.

Again I'll translate:

Speaking of which, it was a contract to get the volume by winning the Cy Young Award, but I forgot that there was a volume even in the 2nd to 5th place lol I was surprised when my agent told me yesterday.

I will donate a part.

And now I'll translate the translation. It seems that Darvish knew that he had a bonus written into his contract for a Cy Young win but didn't know there were also bonuses written in for a 2nd through 5th place as well.

He also said that he will donate part of this bonus to a charity.

This is why we (I) love Yu Darvish. The guy wasn't even aware he had this bonus and when he found out about it, he just said "I'm donating it to charity."

It's different on the north side. Can't wait to see what kind of bad news Yu Darvish has planned for hitters next season.

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