At least I think that's what's going on here. 

Hand up. I'm absolutely obsessed with Yu Darvish and his Twitter feed. Dude is funny and very likable. I check it so much I think I'm starting to understand Japanese a little.

He dropped this video on YouTube yesterday. The Microsoft translate gives you this:

A report of the birth of the eldest daughter.

Seek advice from women.

I tracked down a website, the that has their own translator, gave a little more detail:

He wrote, "It's a little late, but on November 12 in U.S. time, my first daughter was born! Both mom and baby are healthy. I am thankful."

The article also includes this nugget from the video:

I also grew up with brothers, so I honestly don't know how interact with a girl. But I want to do my best so she won't hate me. So please give me advice...

So innocent and pure. Love this guy and am so happy that he's happy.

Congrats to Darvish and Seiko!

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