By Al Zipsie

While winter weather hopefully is over. The NUIC baseball and softball teams can start to get in some games. Here are our Stateline Sports Hub rankings for this baseball and softball season.

NUIC. Baseball.

Unbeaten at 9-0 Forreston is our top-ranked team. They won a ten-inning 4-1 clash over Aquin. Aquin is 13-1 and that was their only defeat. Last year Forreston beat Aquin for the Conference title. However, Aquin beat Forreston win the Regional and go on to win the Sectional. Another team that went to the Super Sectional last year in Warren/Stockton is 2-5 and didn't crack the top ten.

  1. Forreston. 9-0.
  2. Aquin. 13-1.
  3. Eastland. 8-2.
  4. Pearl City. 7-1.
  5. River Ridge/Scales Mound. 7-1.
  6. Orangeville. 6-6.
  7. Durand. 4-2.
  8. West Carroll. 4-3.
  9. Polo 4-5.
  10. Amboy 3-5.

NUIC. Softball.

Dakota was ranked third in the State in the latest 1A rankings while traditional power Orangeville was seventh and Eastland 12th. Dakota's only loss in the NUIC came to Milledgeville. Orangeville then lost to Dakota twice. Dakota made it to the Super Sectional last year and return many. Eastland is 8-1 with the only defeat coming to East Dubuque 4-2.

  1. Dakota. 11-2.
  2. Eastland. 8-1.
  3. Orangeville. 9-3.
  4. East Dubuque. 6-2.
  5. Milledgeville. 8-4.
  6. Durand 6-3.
  7. Forreston. 7-7.
  8. Amboy. 5-4.
  9. Pearl City. 3-5.
  10. Polo. 6-6.


The boys and girls track seasons are also finally getting into gear. For the NUIC school and all time NUIC boys and girls track records, you can go to Facebook. NUIC Track records. And for all time school hardware won go to Facebook. NUIC Sports.

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