There was A LOT that happened over the weekend on the Chicago baseball landscape. The two windy city teams made some very significant trades, even a few with each other, that will alter the baseball landscape in Chicago for years to come.

With everything that happened over the weekend, we needed an expert to come on with us to sort it all out and Connor McKnight was exactly that expert. You've heard Connor all year on WROK doing the White Sox pre and post game shows. He's currently doing all play by play duties while his teammate Jason Benetti is doing Olympic baseball coverage.

Connor has been a part of the Chicago sports media landscape for over a decade so he really knows his stuff when it comes to both sides of town AND he's just an awesome guy to talk to. He's one of those English majors that you can tell they majored in English but they don't hit you over the head with it. You can listen to the whole interview here:

We didn't just stick with trade talk either. It was awesome just asking Connor what it's been like being a part of a Major League broadcast team and getting to do actual games when they need a fill in. Connor was understandably delighted with his new role in the White Sox organization and sounded downright giddy when talking about the opportunity to broadcast this team right now.

We've already booked Connor to come back on before the playoffs to give us a preview but I have a feeling he'll be joining us sometime before that. We thank him for the time and can't wait until his next appearance.

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