Last summer we had the misfortune of hosting a family of yellow jackets. In our backyard. On our deck. Inside the overhang of our roof. The entrance point for the yellow jackets was right in front of our kitchen window, so we had the opportunity to see them operate up close and personal. Until we killed them, unmercifully, with the help of a pest control company.

But our problem was nothing compared to this Ohio man's hornet issue:

According to UPI, the Akron resident woke up to a "tap, tap, tap" on his window. When he looked outside he found that enormous nest of bald faced hornets, which are apparently even meaner and nastier than yellow jackets.

The man said he hadn't been home much this summer, which might explain how the nest got so big with no one noticing. He says he likely will let the coming cold weather take care of the infestation for him.


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